Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion: On Hold Shelf

Exciting and crazy news: I got offered a part-time (read, 10 hours a week) at the library I did a Spring practicum at!  It's not totally ideal because I have to move back in with my parents and it is only 10 hours a week but I decided to take it because it is post graduation experience and I absolutely love this library (the reference librarians are amazing and I was really looking for a library with a strong customer service stance).

Since I started the part-time job this past week my life has been kind of crazy; I would love to photograph my outfits but I am currently living out of boxes and am still slowly packing up my apartment (I have it through June so I am making trips back and forth).

Because of this craziness, I am going to take a fashion blogging hiatus for now.  I am still aggressively applying for full-time jobs and I vow to start back up with posts of real Librarian wear (instead of graduate student in Library Science wear) once I get a full-time job.  To do that, I need a real job, to not be living out of boxes, and to not be living with my parents.

I will still try to post observations of the job search and of this new part-time adventure; it's exciting for sure.  Until then, I have many more boxes to pack and I am totally regretting my love of books right now (8 boxes of books and counting!).

An almost Librarian