Monday, February 28, 2011

Early walks and LCSH

Book: Jane Eyre
Green sweater top: Kenzi
Cream ruffle henley: Aeropostale
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Brown Boots: Famous footwear
Skeleton key necklace: Etsy

Today was a strange day in my terms. I got up early, having been really tired on Sunday and going to sleep around 9:30, and decided to take a walk outside before coffee and oatmeal. It's still cold outside, but that spring freshness is beginning to creep in. In any case, this early walk put me in kind of a day dreamy romantic mood. Plus, I am still reading Jane Eyre, which is romantic and nature-y in it's own right.

It was the perfect outfit choice for one small hour at our virtual desk (i.e. where I am not physically seen) and coffee shop studying (had to finish a small report on the issue of authority control in local photographic digitization projects). While it sounds daunting, my paper ended up being interesting. When libraries chose to archive local photographs or postcards they often find that subject headings don't exist that are sufficient to describe the items (i.e. there is no authority file because of the specificity of the items). As a result, catalogers struggle between picking new specific terms (St. Peter's church) not in the Library of Congress Subject Headings and general terms (like Architecture--Church) that would be in the LCSH. It's an interesting problem!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend "Red-y"

Red and ruffle, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Book: Jane Eyre
Tan ruffle sweater: New York and Company
Black tee: Gap
Red skirt: H&M
Brown belt: Forever 21
Black tights: Target
Brown Boots: Famous Footwear

Just a quick post to show off my Friday outfit which was perfect for a reference shift and an awesome new friend date of Shamrock shakes (it's unlike any mint shake I have ever tastes) and a viewing of The King's Speech (which is indeed as fabulous as everyone says it is). I absolutely love this red skirt- it not only has a forgiving stretchy waist, but is such a pretty shade of red (almost coral).

I've been rereading Jane Eyre in the mornings in preparation for the March 11th release of the movie. It's not my favorite Bronte book, mainly because I read Wide Sargasso Sea before Jane Eyre and that really skewed my perception of Rochester (to the point that I despise him at points in Jane Eyre where you are supposed to find him attractive). Anyways, it's a good read.

Also a good read is last week's reading for my cataloging class (which I caught up on today, finally!!) that discusses the idea of how we name things (specifically in the context of selecting subject headings for works). Catalogers have a few liberties with customization but the rules for what we pick as a book's main subject heading is dictated by our cultural norms. Nothing revolutionary here, but it is interesting considering why some works have less or more specific subject headings.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Librarian things I want

These new stamps from ModCloth remind so much of our due date stamps at work.  Back in the days when I taught composition, I would have used this out on all of those writing samples and papers. Bam!!  The truth is that I have a soft spot for library items.  Not only because I love working in a library, but I love the way a library works.  I love the soft mechanical rhythm of the place- the soothing order of checking out a book: scan the card, scan the book, stamp the due date, desensitize the binding. Delicious.  Is it wrong I love stampin and scannin?

There is no outfit post today because, while I did have an outfit on today (thank goodness because I am not ready to be known as the naked librarian), I did not have time to document it.  Busy busy.  On the bright side I am done with cataloging the travel books!!  I really really enjoyed it but it did take up a sizable chunk of my week (which is why I was struggling to get homework done).  I like being a Grad student but I love being a librarian and I kind of can't wait until school is done.  I wish I could go to work and put my heart and soul into it without being distracted by homework.  One day.

In any case, I have an early morning tomorrow so I am going to hit the hay and dream about this beautiful stamp and also about getting to walk through the snow to work in my beautiful red boots.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On images

Cream and black top: H&M
Black tank dress: Forever 21
Purple polka dot sash: Thrifted
Gray tights: Target
Black flats: Candies

I like that it looks like I am dancing in this picture (for the record, I have minimal dancing skills.).  I felt a bit dance-y and jazzed this morning because I slept in until 9 am, so I felt well rested.  This outfit is kind of like an improv dance- some well loved pieces that I mixed at random.  I rarely wear this black dress outside of summer because it can be a bit low cut, even with a cardigan over it.  Solution- layer a top under it.  I also forget about this amazing high necked blouse that never fails to make me feel like a Victorian lady.  In looking for tights, I brushed across this purple polka dot sash (I went through a phase in college where I would buy any bright scarf/sash I saw and wear it as a head scarf). Outfit complete.  Some of the best things can be unmediated.

I was looking through my Flickr for other images to post because I love image heavy posts and I could not help thinking of an article I  read for class yesterday about Professionalism and the future of library service*.  In this article, Abbott notes that we are becoming a culture of images (no surprise here), but that may actually be helpful for the future of libraries as librarians will be the ones to figure out how to organize, catalog, and preserve these images.  Even more interesting is that Abbott strongly feels that this will be the final push towards print culture being "high culture."   It is so easy to integrate images and video into educational practices (and blogs!) but I have to wonder if we have a responsibility to promote print culture or, at the very least, a combination culture.  I hope I don't live to see the day that a library is bookless, with just computer terminals to access online sources and tables and chairs to study (because many current articles in the field emphasize that the library has become more of a cultural gathering space, instead of a research space).  And I also hope that print culture doesn't become elite!!

*Abbott, Andrew. " Professionalism and the Future of Librarianship," Library Trends 46(3):430-43 (Winter 1998).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Choppin down a cherry tree

Mustard Yellow cardigan: Merona
White Blouse: Forever 21
Gray skirt: Old Navy
Black tights: Target
Black Boots: No idea
Skeleton key necklace: Etsy
George Washington pin: Etsy

Black Cardigan: Mossimo
Gray pinstripe skirt: Express
Teal tights: Target
Brown Belt: F21
Blue stripe scarf: Gift from friend (from Ecuador?)
Brown Boots: Famous Footwear

It's been a bit crazy around here.  When I got ready to write this post I realized I basically haven't posted for a week. Wowzah.  But it was worth it.  I have been a bit behind in my school work because I have been spending extra time at work helping with this cataloging project (which is fun but time consuming) so I have been staying late at the library to read articles, hunched over the G.A. desk in the back. At least I work in a place that is conducive to studying.  Then a friend visited for the whole weekend. It was a much needed break- we drank hard cider, ate salt and vinegar chips, and watched this amazing Dawn French show, Murder Most Horrid (if you love comedy, mystery, and England, it's a must watch).  It was fun but didn't really help get me caught up.  Plus I spent all of Thursday cleaning, doing laundry, and baking banana bread that turned out salty because I should clearly not drink and bake because then I do things like add a teaspoon of salt instead of 1/4 teaspoon.

This week (note: just Monday and today!) was also crazy busy with extra meetings, a presentation, and training (we are going to implement the READ scale, in our reference stats so I had to attend a 4 hour session before my class. Urg.). 

As a result of this craziness, I decided I needed some pre-planned fun outfits with lots of color (and a presidential pin), a clean apartment, good food, and a random shopping trip.  I basically took a mental health day after my class ended today.  I went to the mall and window shopped (because I totally shop like a librarian- I need to do research and assess what I already have here before I actually buy something) and then cleaned my kitchen.  Look at those dishes:

 Then I made my tried and true chicken stir fry:

Basically, you marinate 3 chicken breasts for 30 minutes in soy sauce, garlic powder, and grated ginger.  Then you chop 2 cloves of garlic, a few green onions, and grate more ginger.  To a pan add a bit of canola oil and a drop of sesame oil.  While this is happening, chop the marinated raw chicken into bite size chunks. When the pan starts to smoke add garlic, onions, and ginger.  Let simmer for a moment and add chicken.  Let cook until chicken isn't pink any more.  While chicken is cooking chop up some bell peppers.  Once chicken is cooked add chopped bell peppers, a half a cup of thawed cut broccoli, a good handful of snow peas, and about a half a cup of chicken broth  Add some red pepper flakes for spice, if you wish.  Let simmer for 4-5 minutes until the veggies are tender.  While this happens, wisk together a tablespoon each of soy sauce, sugar (white or brown), and cornstarch, and about 1/4 a cup of chicken broth.  Add this soy sauce mixture to the pan and cook for a few more minutes (sauce will become thick and bubbly).  Turn off stove top and let cool for a few minutes. Spoon over brown rice. 

I actually have to do an online reference shift shortly, but I am feeling much more relaxed (thanks wine!) and ready for an easier week and a weekend full of me time.  Nothing sets me right like helping a student in pursuit of a truth for a question.

And, to quote good old George Washington, "Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light."  Isn't that what being a librarian means, after all?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Always the hours

Gray cardigan: Old Navy
Red and white polka dot dress: Vintage
Gray tights: Target
White shoes: Target
White bead bracelet: Thrifted

Book: The Time Traveler's Wife
Black blouse: Merona
Gray pinstripe skirt: Express
Teal tights: Target
Black patent leather shoes: Candies
White bead bracelet: Thrifted

Some days, I need to ignore what I need to do and do what I want to do.  For example, today I needed to finish a 105 pg. article about the Census Bureau but instead I watched The Hours on repeat after getting home from work.  I absolutely love The Hours: the beautiful backdrops, the close-up of everyday life, a little V. Woolf, and a soothing score by Philip Glass.  Every time I watch it, I marvel at the beauty of repetition of daily acts.  It brings a bit more meaning to my job as librarian, a job that depends on smooth repetition to keep the library in working order.  Lovely.

Life isn't all about afternoon movie watching and vintage polka dot dresses.  I also decided I needed to not wear boots in this gorgeous weather (it got to 55 degrees today!).  Unfortunately, I forgot about the melting snow and had some very wet feet!  Better than cold feet (both literally and metaphorically).

Besides movies and wet feet, I also volunteered at the local public library's computer lab, boxed up more books to send to the storage facility, and did finish my weekly cataloging post.  I also made this red pepper and tomato soup (which is delicious but involves a bit of time and kitchenware, which means my kitchen is a mess!!):

I roasted my own red and yellow peppers (which is totally worth it!!) and simmered them with onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

I once again reminded myself why I need an immersion blender; blending hot soup in batches in my magic bullet often has painful side effects.

After I shoveled down some hot delicious mouthfuls, I managed to wrangle one picture. 

 "To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face and to know it for what it is. At last to know it, to love it for what it is, and then, to put it away."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is Something

Book: Selected poems of e.e. cummings
Teal cardigan: Merona
Black ruffle tee: Gap
White and black patterned skirt: Forever 21
Black tights: Target
Black shoes: Candies
Heart necklace: F21 (?)

I feel weird wearing red or pink on Valentine's day- I think maybe I overdid it as a kid.  And while this outfit would have worked well with a red cardigan, the blue was a nice change.  It was a pretty outfit for a pretty awesome day.  Let me count the ways: taught an awesome library instruction class today (seriously the students were shouting out search terms; i love the pre-lunch crowd), enjoyed a delicious taco potluck at work today (and had to waddle home, seriously), finished checking the records of the old travel books (now we just have to mark them for our storage facility!), slashed through some giant puddles in my red rain boots (coat open!), had a fun cataloging class (we got to classify turtles and wine. jealous?), and am now feeling sick from V-day chocolate.  My goal is to read a small article for class tomorrow before bed.  However, I think I can also squeeze in a love flick (or, more likely, a movie I love!).  Perhaps Manhattan Murder Mystery?

Also, while riding home on the bus, stuffed with delicious Mexican fare, this song came on my Ipod.  It is so true today, and should be true everyday:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

NPR style Valentine

I am a happy camper- I worked at the circ desk today (my student workers are so awesome!) and read 140 pages (it needed to happen) about uninformed citizens.  Now I am finishing the last load of weekend laundry, watching an episode of the Golden Girls, and inhaling the delicious scent of incense (to block out the gross smell of cigarette smoke from my neighbors who smoke in the hall of my building, yuck).

This means I can start the week ready and prepared.  I will be back tomorrow with a nice teaching outfit.  Since I feel weird about wearing tons of red on V-Day, I want to express my Valentine's day spirit with a thoughtful Valentine that was sent to me earlier.  It combines NPR and the Freedom of Information (two known things that librarians love!):

For more NPR Valentines, look here.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life is not black and white

Zebra, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Thursday's Outfit:
Book: Just So Stories
Black tie shirt: Merona
Wool plaid jumper dress: Thrifted
Black tights: Target
Black shoes: Candies

Friday's Outfit:
Teal and Green stripe cardigan: Old Navy
Black tee: Gap
Black Skirt: Merona
Gray tights: Target
Black shoes: Candies

Just a quick post to catalog the rest of my outfits from this week.  Wednesday's outfit was Undergrad central (college hoodie, jeans, and chucks) because I had nothing going on but my online class.   I really love that wool jumper- I only end up pairing it with black but that does not make it boring in my eyes.  It makes me feel a little Mad Men-esque and/or a little sexy librarian, which is not a bad thing.  I am also crazy about that Blue/Green stripe cardigan.  It is so beautiful but I never wear it because I have problems matching it (plus, the stripes and the short length don't exactly work with my curvier figure).  I need to wear it more because the student I helped with a research question (on the psychological effects of yoga) was really jazzed about my cardigan for some reason.

Besides slacking off from blogging and life in general, I have been reading Kipling's Just So Stories before bedtime.  One of my favorites is how the camel got his hump. SPOILER ALERT.  At the beginning of the world, the Camel refused to do any work and all the other animals were kind of mad about it.  They talked to this wise man, who told the Camel that he would have to make up the 3 days of work he had missed.  In order for the Camel to be able to work continuously to make up the work, the wise man gave the Camel a hump so he could work without needing to eat.

I am the Camel this week.  I have been falling behind in my reading/work and to catch up I have been having to pull extra hours (sans the hump of course, thankfully).  The Camel never catches up, so says Kipling, and I suspect I never will catch up either.

As a result, it was a weird and disjointed week.  I was completely ready to do a purgative blog post yesterday and get ready for a restful weekend, but Friday was the crazy icing on the cake.  I finally did Laundry...but lost a whole pillowcase in the process.  I finally went grocery shopping....and left a bag with $6 worth of sorbet and candy at the store.  I finally made a real dinner (vegetarian chili) to break to turkey sandwich rut (I was going to photograph it and everything)....but  let it burn on the stove when I fell asleep reading.  I also spilled a hot cup of coffee all over my car's dashboard. Fail.

I have not been myself this week- I feel out of sorts and disorganized.  But today I managed to catalog my juvenile fiction book successfully for class and finished a 138 page article about Federal Depositories (when I opened it on e-reserve this morning I groaned out loud at the thought of reading that much about gov. info).  With homemade pizza in my tummy, a Harry Potter movie watched, and hot water jetting out into the bathtub as I type this entry, I think I am on my way to prepping myself for next week to be better.  And it will be: I start teaching Library Instruction classes, we are having a taco potluck at work for V-day, and a dear British mystery loving friend is visiting next weekend.  I can handle that!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red poppies

Red poppies, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Red cardigan: Merona
White red flower button up: Heritage 1981
Gray skirt: Old Navy
Belt: F21
Tights: Target
Boots: Famous Footwear

There we go- much cheerier!!!  I absolutely love this floral button up shirt- it works so well with jeans and skirts alike.  It was perfect for a day of more homework (government docs this time! eek!), our weekly meeting, class, and more homework.  Now I am relaxing at home with some red wine and episodes of the BBC Robin Hood (which is so cheesy I really only kept watching for the Armitage) before my at home reference chat shift.

And I can't stop looking at my sleeve:

On a nerdier note, I read this amazing chapter from a book by Marilyn Johnson* for my intro class about BA librarians changing the field.  It got me thinking about the inherited responsibility of changing perceptions- do librarians need to be more active in changing the librarian stereotype?  Johnson mentions that "about a third of the library graduate programs in the United States have now ditched the word library." (9)  I think that creating this hipper image of a "librarian" isn't necessarily a bad thing, but that shouldn't be a primary concern.  Shouldn't we be focused more on creating a more welcoming image, stereotypical or not?

I may be a bit frumpy and unhip but I know I want to do my best to make patrons feel welcome.

Also, fun fact, did you know that maybe 10-20% of the population surrounding a public library actually uses the resources?  Some argue that we should spend our efforts getting in the unserved population.  My professor brought up an interesting counterargument today- if we serve the 10% we are, in essence, serving the rest of the population because, since the 10% are educated with the libraries resources, others go to them for help.  Interesting.

*Johnson, Marilyn. "The Frontier", Chapter 1. In This Book Is Overdue Harper Collins, 2010. pp. 1-12.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Gray turtleneck: Gap
Blue pinstripe skirt: H&M
Belt: Target (clearance!!)
Leggings: Target
Rainbow Stripe socks: Target
Brown riding boots: Famous Footwear
Clock necklace: Etsy

One nice perk of deciding to catalog my wardrobe is noticing patterns.  After a few weeks I see a huge pattern: blue and gray (aka blah and double blah).  My winter wardrobe needs some color!!!  Today, I wasn't thinking about color- I was truthfully planning my route around campus before work in my head (printing lab, bank, office computer) and realized I would need something more.  I passed by this turtleneck; then I went back to it.  I like the idea of turtlenecks but they are a challenge for me.  For one thing, they remind me of a 90's childhood where a white turtle was all to common fare under sweaters and t-shirts (shudder).  More importantly, anything in a crewneck or turtleneck tends to make me feel like I have a uni-boob situation.  Since I am, by nature, more of the frumpster librarian, drawing any attention to my chest is something I consciously avoid at all costs.  I finally realized I was going to be late and just grabbed the thing.  Of course I paired it with a beautiful, yet muted, skirt. Blah.

I was scanning AcademicChic during my break today and saw this fabulously bright outfit.  It inspired me to break past the blue/grey barrier that is probably helping me blend into the reference desk.  Students are going to be coming in for more research help- hopefully I can cheer them up with some good resources and sunny outfits.

Because I have been reading non stop (I'm not that virtuous, just trying to catch up before teaching starts), I feel just as sartorially inspired by my reading.  In reading an article about Ranganathan's laws, I realized that he gives some good life advice.  His first law is: "Books are for use."  Just like books, clothing is for use (wearing).  I need to make better use of my resources!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Study Music

I had a lovely weekend.  Friday I made veggie lasagna for visiting friends:

Vegetarian Lasagna (followed the recipe exactly, except I added a bag of chopped broccoli and one chopped carrot in place of the mushrooms).  It is delicious- I highly recommend it.  I was going to take pictures because lasagna is a beautiful thing, but I ended up taking a too long after work nap and barely had enough time to prepare and cook the lasagna before my friends arrived. Opps!

Saturday included lots and lots of struggling with MARC 21 to get my weekly cataloging record done.  It's not horrible, but it takes a lot of flipping pages back and forth looking for the right codes.  My parents also visited and took me out to dinner at....a local Italian place!  I am now stuffed full of pasta and I couldn't be happier.

Now, I am finishing up some reading while listening to Midlake and also preparing to go into work at 1.  Midlake and a pot of coffee made it easy to power through my reading today (which needed to happen since I have work and then a Superbowl party later). It was so good, I wanted to share my favorite tune:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blue collar

Blue collar, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Book: Golden Gate: The Life and Times of America's Greatest Bridge
Gray hooded button up sweater: Arizona
Blue button up: Old Navy
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Argyle socks: American Eagle
Snow boots: From Target last year

I tend to be super organized.  I plan my meals (to maximize my grocery shopping) and I plan my outfits for the week.  This is the best I can do to make up for the fact that I am not a morning person.  If everything is not laid out and ready in the morning, life gets confusing.  Fridays are tricky because I only have a one hour reference shift - it doesn't feel like a real day.  So I had no idea what I was going to wear today, which led to this strange amalgamation of layers.  I'm not sure how I feel about it but it is comfortable and it is, truly, what I wore today so I have to record it in my clothing catalog.

I had to add the book to the picture because I like posing with books and I needed some color in this gray ensemble.  One exciting thing about librarianship is getting the chance to research topics I would not just research for fun- as part of my Assistantship, I have to answer anonymous questions students can send in to our "question board."  Every G.A. answers a couple questions a semester and these answers are posted on a bulletin board by the entrance.  I snagged the one about who thought of the idea and design for the Golden Gate bridge and why.  Most of the time, things I do for my job are more exciting than the homework I have to finish for class.

And it's so appropriate because isn't that what my life is right now, a bridge?  I am traveling in between permanent places.  My path seems so clear- just follow this bridge and I will reach the other side, the greener grass.  I know so clearly what I want, what I want to do, that I forget to look around and enjoy what is occurring around me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is necessary

Green cable knit sweater: Forever 21
White Button up: Riders
Gray Skirt: Old Navy
Black leggings and tights: Target
Boots: Famous Footwear
Skeleton key necklace: Etsy?

This picture was taken hastily before I left the apartment this morning, as I knew I would not be back until dark (hence the weird glazed over look on my face- it serves me right for hitting the snooze button 3 times this morning!  I look so awkward!).  It's really really really cold here.  That may sound obvious but it is a fact I tend to ignore when picking out cute skirts and tights.  I only remember when I am waiting for the bus on campus for 15 minutes and become convinced that my legs have become so numb that I must indeed be paralyzed.  This morning I did remember and wore tights and leggings- nice and toasty. 

Unfortunately, one true part about being a librarian (and the primary reason why librarians wear cardigans, which I will explore at a later date in this catalog) is that the workplace  (the library) is never the right temperature.  For the first two weeks of school it has been freezing.  Today, of course today, it was blazing hot.  So I was warm waiting for my bus for 15 minutes, and then a hot sweaty mess for about 3 hours at the reference desk.  I can't win. 

I was inspired by AcademicChic's current outwear week (especially S's cute down coat) and decided to snap a picture of my winter coat.  I have coats I am more in love with but I end up wearing this everyday because it is so warm.

Missing are the cream mittens (fleece lined) that match my scarf.  Yet another way I fail at winter- they go so well with everything and yet they get so dirty (I have to soak them in Woolite every few weeks or so.).

I am about ready to relax with a big glass of water (so thirsty lately!), more Flannery O'Connor, and then hit the hay.  I think I've earned it since I got all of my cataloging reading done today and my record MARC 21 post of the week.

I think the quote of the week came from:   Bowman, J.H.. "Ch. 4: Description." Essential Cataloguing. Facet Publishing, 2003. 20-85.

As lengthy as this reading was, Bowman was rocking my world with comments (I paraphrase here) like, "I don't really agree with this rule, but it has to be done," and "You may feel sorry for the other two authors and will want to acknowledge them, but don't.  Remember, either publish with less than three people or get your name first." Nice.

Learning cataloging is like learning a different language and I am already struggling with trying to figure out what is necessary, what is essential.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The comforts of home

Book: Everything that Rises Must Converge
Brown rust cardigan: Mossimo
Navy dress: Forever 21
Gray long sleeve tee: Gap
Sweater tights: unknown
Brown boots: Famous Footwear
Clock necklace: Etsy

Snow day number 2.  We got maybe 10 inches, which was enough to close the college.  My parents called this morning and mentioned that they had got 20 inches of snow- crazy!!!  Even though the roads were plowed, going anywhere was out of the question today.

But it was serenely wonderful outside:

Besides that small journey outside to scrap off my car and make sure it would start, I stayed snuggled on the couch for most of the day, indulging in some Alfred Hitchcock movies (I have them spaced in my Netflix queue so I won't watch them all at once- I want to space them out over my life so I will still have good movie surprises waiting).  Off course watching pretty tweed clad ladies forced me to put on some real but comfy clothes.  Jersey dresses are kind of like cheating- everyone thinks you look nice because you have a dress on but really, you are more comfortable than you would be in jeans.  Since my apartment is freezing I layered a long sleeve tee, sweater tights, and a cardigan for warmth.

I am going to quickly make some soup and grilled cheese before my online night class (gov. info!) and dream about days when I don't have to layer so heavily.  Days where I can ride a bike, like Alfred Hitchcock:

Image courtesy of the wonderful tumblr feed Rides a Bike.  Kind of amazing.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Chocolate dots, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Gray cardigan: Old Navy
Brown polka dot button up shirt: Odille (Anthro)
Brown Cords: Old Navy
Socks: Target

Today I bundled up in my heaviest winter wear (think multiple pairs of socks and gloves) to go to our weekly grad assistant meeting.  Then I had a leisurely lunch with some fellow G.A.s, until one of our bosses came to the break room and informed us the library was closing for the day.  When I got to the library it was not snowing at all.  When we left it was hailing ice.  Needless to say I quickly snapped this awkward picture as soon as I got home so that I could change into sweatpants immediately.  This brown polka dot top is one of my favorite purchases and I do not wear it enough.  It was not only on sale at Anthro (and was actually my first Anthropologie purchase) but it has my favorite pattern (polka dot!) and it is stretchy, so it is the only button up shirt I can wear without fear of gapping. I have never paired it with my brown cords before but this morning I was determined to make my brown cords look semi-cute (because I needed to wear thick pants today- tights were not an option) and had a flash of inspiration.

I think the chocolate colors of the ensemble led to more inspiration as I decided to retreat to my bedroom for some hot cocoa (with it okay to drink during the day if it is a snow day?) and fun reading (Flannery O'Connor) under my favorite quilt before I tackled my cataloging project tonight.  Part of the reason was that my neighbor also had a snow day and was playing his music really loud and my bedroom is on the opposite side of the apartment.  The other part of the reason was that my bus ride home was long, crowded, and cold.

Whatever the reason, it was a good choice: