Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just Blue Myself

Via Flickr:
Teal ruffle cardigan: Jcrew
Red floral blouse: Banana Republic
Gray herringbone trousers: Merona
Brown pointy flats: Xhilaration

Oh Tobias! But a touch of blue does make an outfit better.

In other news....this week is insane. I have tons of library instruction sessions every day and projects (why is everything due at the same time?).

But....I got another interview! This time it is a phone interview. The job itself would be amazing (reference and social media at an academic library) but the location is a bit far away. I really want a public library job but wouldn't mind working in an academic library. I am trying to keep an open mind- this job could be a good gateway job to a better job in an area closer to family. At least I am getting some interviews- I must be somewhat qualified to be a librarian! Whoot!

Another thing I realized- I am applying for jobs I love (a true first in my life). The location may not be perfect but I am pumped to do reference work!

Until a real job happens, at least I have clean laundry and the promise of baked fish sticks and homemade tartar sauce!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wild Orchids

Wild Orchids, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
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Yellow jackie cardigan: J Crew
Purple sheath dress: Love 21
Black Flats: Candies
Black glasses necklace: Forever 21

It was so warm today (53!!) that I was able to go without tights and it was wonderful. It put an extra spring in my step which I needed to teach two back to back 80 minute library sessions, then work a reference shift, all without lunch (I basically went from 10:30 to 3:30).

It reminds me that Spring is right around the corner! Yikes!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter grays

Winter grays, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
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Black jackie cardigan: jcrew
Blue stripe top: Old Navy
Gray skirt: Merona
Brown belt: Target
Black tights: Target
Brown Boots: Call it Spring

Still freezing and gray outside was still a lovely (and busy day): applied for two exciting jobs, worked a long reference shift, talking about steamy romances in my Reader's Advisory class, and am now ready for dinner (leftover mushroom soup and bread) and some good Monday night tv.

Winter- you can stay for a while. I am cosy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pan glazed Pork chops

I actually made these beauties yesterday but didn't post because I was too full on pork chops and baked potato.

I am like Ron Swanson- I only recommend a recipe if I use it exclusively. And this one is amazing. It's full proof and delicious (like scraping up all the leftover glaze in the pan with your spoon delicious).

It is the pioneer woman's Pork Chops with Garlic and Wine.

After a busy beginning of the week where I was too tired for dinner, I owed myself this. I also owed myself some fun reading at Starbucks today. Sigh. Life IS good.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sea and Land

Sea and Land, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
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Blue jersey dress: Merona
Green jackie cardigan: J crew
Brown belt: target
Gray tights: Target
Brown boots: Call it Spring
Black glasses necklace: Forever 21

Exhausted today!! It's a good thing I was running from one thing to another or else I would have totally napped today.

I am feeling on top of life lately- I am ahead on homework, I've got an awesome collection development project for work (cookbooks!), and applied for a few jobs I am really interested in!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot pants

Hot pants, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
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Teal long sleeve top: H&M
White tank: Old Navy
Brown cords: Old Navy
Gold flats: Mossimo Supply Co.

It was cold today!! I felt like giving my legs a break while waiting outside for the bus by wearing my toasty cords. Not as pretty as tights but oh so warm!!

Now I am curled up at home, eating leftover homemade mushroom soup from this weekend and waiting to start my at home virtual chat shift. Kind of boring in the night of a librarian in training but I will take it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Putting the pieces together

So....I didn't get the job.

I found out and basically spent the last few days curled up under my favorite blanket, watching Arrested Development (needed laughter), and eating soup. I feel much better now and more determined but it took a few days to get there. Being so close (it was basically between me an another person) made it harder. However, I know there will be other jobs and maybe one that is just right for me.

So now I am stitching my life back together. Breaking my resume apart, putting the fragments together. The pieces will make a whole.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Library is my Valentine

Via Flickr:
Cherry red jackie cardigan: Jcrew
White ruffle blouse: Forever 21
Gray herringbone trousers: Merona
Brown pointed flats: Xhilaration
Wooden heart sparrow pin: Etsy

I taught two library instruction sessions and had a good time (they laughed at my jokes which automatically equals success!). It got me thinking- I don't have a person valentine this year but, I always have the library. It provides me with books- what more do you need in a valentine?!

However, when the library fails me, at least I have Ryan Gosling. Hey girl!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Shades of calm

Via Flickr:
Pink blouse: Old Navy
Gray skirt: Jcrew
Black tights: Target
Brown mary janes: Xhilaration
Sparrow heart pin: etsy

I look a little bored with life in this picture- quite the opposite! I've been trying to enjoy my life as much as possible, feeling grateful for what I have. I have still been getting pangs of nerves when I think about that awesome second interview I had. I would love the job but as I force myself to think about good things in my life, I realize that there are a lot of good things. I am one lucky librarian in training....even if I forget it.

So today's outfit was all about calm- trying to steady my nerves. You know what else will help? A full day of reference and instruction tomorrow followed by a delicious dinner (I'm doing bbq pork in the slow cooker) and a martini date with a friend. Who needs a job? Who needs a valentine? Okay, maybe I do. But until then, I am going to have a darn good time!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Job Hunt: How to Handle an Interview (and the aftermath)

As I sit here, eating orange segments and letting the red polish dry on my toe nails, I realize that I need to update on my interview experience.

Keep in mind that I am no interview expert or anything, but having gone through a few has given me a different perspective.

1. Preparing:

-The first thing I do is look over the job description again and try to assess what the job is about and what skills I will point to.  If the job description involves working with social media, I better be prepared to talk about all aspects of social media!

-The second thing I do (and I think the most important) is too look at the website to figure out a mission statement (what is important to this library?  What programs are they highlighting?) and to poke around in some of the resources to see what I am familiar with.  I found that I've gotten the best responses (smiles and nods) when I have referenced specific things on a library's webpage.

-The third thing I do (perhaps too intensely) is a question drill using some of the questions from the following websites.  It takes some time but helps a textbook over thinker and worrier like myself calm down a bit!  The most valuable thing has been applying the more general questions to the skills I know the search committee is looking for:

     *A great list of library related interview questions and resources over at Mr. Library Dude
     *While not as complete as the first source, there are some more unique scenario questions at SLIS
     *Some really nice tips on how to handle those tough questions, especially salary negotiations at Pennlive

 2. At the interview:

-First off, I try to avoid these interview pitfalls

-This goes without saying but I always arrive early and in a professional looking interview suit.

-One of the main things I focus on is being enthusiastic.  I use good eye contact and showcase my active listening (mainly nodding and acknowledging the question with statements like, "what a great question!" or "that's an interesting question!").  I also try to slip in a statement about how excited I am to be there.  I don't go over board but I always want to show the committee that I am really enthusiastic about this specific job.

-Another tactic I have found to be helpful is in starting a dialogue with the search committee. In other words I don't just want to answer their questions briefly and leave it at that; I try to start a conversation to show I am interested.  So if I am asked about ideas to improve social media outreach, I might explain my experience, give some ideas, and then ask them "well how does that fit in with what you are looking for?"  I feel like this makes me relax and provides a point of connection.

-I try to give really specific examples (i.e. not just "I am good at collaborating with other. I do it a lot at my current job" but instead saying "I collaborate frequently with other grad assistants. The most recent example is on publicity for our gaming night...").

-Ask specific questions.  I like asking more about what they want the person to accomplish first on the job and what the long range goals of the position are.

-Send a thank you note.  Mine is always brief and highlights the things I enjoyed about the library and things I felt were stressed at the interview/tour (book clubs? art shows? a new media lab?).

 3. After the interview:

Unfortunately, this is what I am going through right now.  I had a great first interview for a public library job that would be a great fit for me.  Then, I got called back for a second interview, which also went well (2nd interviews seem to be more about assessing how one would fit in with the staff- I wasn't even asked an formal questions!!).

So once the interview is over and there is literally nothing else you can do except wait, how do you handle that?  I've been trying to keep positive but I am really excited about this job and I know I will be sad if I am not chosen.  To help alleviate that crippling despair if I do not get the job I have worked ahead on some projects so I can take the night off if needed, stocked up on wine, I have a nice stack of funny TV shows, and I have a great support network ready (my best friend told me to call her the minute I find out so I can talk out the pain or the good news).  I've also been throwing myself into looking for other jobs, just so I have other jobs to be excited about if I don't get the job.

I'm learning that the waiting is the hardest part.  Writing cover letters? Easy!  Answering interview questions?  Not so bad!  Waiting to hear about a job you really want?  Heartbreaking and nerve-racking!

I haven't been myself lately because I have been so focused on this one job- I didn't even do much in the way of homework or reading last week because I was just practicing my answers to interview questions over and over. 

Hopefully this job hunting process turns out to be very short!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Phone interview

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Teal ruffle cardigan: Jcrew
Black dress: Mossimo
Belt: Target
Gray tights: Target
Brown boots: Call it Spring

So I had my phone interview for the job that I was a little wary about. Good news: it went well. Greater news: they really need someone to start right now so, since I can't start till after graduation (May), I was immediately eliminated.

I also got a call back second interview for the job I am really excited about: public library reader's advisory and electronic services. I would basically get to help people with technology, update the library's social media, buy books, and talk to people about books!!

Nee plan for this semester: don't stress so much about the future and apply for jobs that I am excited about. I think I can handle that.