Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peas and Thank you

Spring Peas, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Via Flickr:
Green cardigan: Merona
White eyelet dress: Delias
Brown loop belt: Target
Turquoise sandals: Gap
Pocketwatch necklace: Etsy

I need to stop taking pictures in the afternoon when I get home from work. Biking home in 85 degree weather makes me feel disgusting!! But I was pretty pumped about this outfit so I had to capture it. It fits the summer library mandatory uniform- something light for traveling outside and a cardigan to brave the freezing library. I have to at least tuck one in my tote bag or otherwise it's goosebumps and shivers for 3 hours.

Right now I am enjoying some delicious stir fry and reading a bit more about HTML for my web design course. I was dubious about how quickly I could really learn this stuff but HTML is not that bad (CSS however, is going to be a trip). In a way it is kind of like grammar- as long as you follow the rules, you are good.


  1. Yeah, I have to admit I am pretty lax with my outfit-photo taking these days. When I get home after my walk, I just want to strip, not keep it all on and take photos! That is such a lovely dress though, very pretty.

  2. I know!! It is so hot out that sometimes I immediately change into shorts and and tank top without thinking. Then I feel too lazy to even change back into the clothes to take a picture!