Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweetness and Light

Via Flickr:
Pink blouse: Old Navy
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Brown pointy flats: Xhilaration
clock necklace: Etsy

I am feeling a bit like sweetness and light (a Matthew Arnold phrase) today laptop is finally back in business.

The reason I have posted in a few weeks is because the LCD cable on my laptop blew out which meant that my laptop worked but the screen was dead. I had to wait for the part to ship from Dell and then wait for a local computer repair shop to fix it.

It wasn't all bad- it was refreshing not to have my laptop on at all times distracting me when I was home. I was more efficient with homework (since I had to do things at the library before I could go home) and felt more relaxed. I am glad to have my laptop back (especially at this busy time of the semester) but I hope to keep it off more often!

Although that doesn't mean my librarian wear will be lacking as well- I am back to posting with regularity!


  1. This is a cute outfit :) It doesn't scream librarian at all! I have worked in a library since I was 13... we can wear what we want!

    I'm glad your computer is working again.
    Amy xxx

  2. Haha! Exactly! That is the nice thing about working in a library- there is just the basic dress code of look presentable and be covered up. Some workers wear dresses every day and others only wear jeans. I like the versatility!