Monday, December 5, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Snow White

No clothes post today; it's that time of the semester where I am just running around like a crazy person (so many work related things: meetings, meetings, meetings!) so I rocked out jeans and the yellow cardigan that I wore too many times last week.

In search of some fashion inspiration (to get away of the yellow color combos) got me thinking about my new favorite show: Once Upon a Time.  I have a secret penchant for fairy tales: I always am drawn to fantasy fairy tale movies (stuff like the wonderful Stardust that only comes out every so often), read fairy tale criticism and new adaptations for fun, and am just generally attracted to anything with a "fairy tale" tag.  So I knew I would have to at least watch the pilot of this show, which I expected to be cheesy and wonderful like my favorite miniseries The 10th Kingdom.

Once Upon a Time is definitely got its share of cheese (the evil queen can be a bit over dramatic- I role my eyes whenever she has a big scene) but it has some great flashback stuff going on, an interesting premise, and some fashion inspiration in Snow White (aka Mary Margaret).  As soon as I saw her pale blue cardigan and skirt combo in the pilot, I was interested.  When we get to see her adorable apartment (faded white wood, mismatched chairs, globes- basically the setting for an anthropologie catalog) I knew I was hooked on Snow White.

Check out her cheery cardigans (after all, how can a librarian not love cardigans!):

And she had a really cute look I wanted to try this week: a navy (or black) polka dot dress with a red cardigan and brown belt and skeleton key necklace. Love!

I can see a little Snow White in myself- I love to clean!  Anyways, Snow White is fabulous librarian fashion inspiration; I just need to be a little less lazy and try some new stuff!

Also, look at that cute apartment:

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