Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Break!!!

Pictured above: melting chocolate to top homemade brownies so my crushed peppermint candies would stick (idea from the December Real Simple). Yum!!

So a week or so ago I was complaining about feeling bored because my end of the semester workload was super light. Karma!

On Wednesday I met with my supervisor and she mentioned that all of the links on our libguides should open up in a new tab (also, some of the links don't work because whoever created the libguide just copied and pasted the product link instead of our proxy link). Basically, I was done with the 3 libguides I had signed up to edit but some how was given the project to fix all of the links in the rest of the 55 topic guides. Yeah. Just an estimate, it took me about an hour to check and change all of the many links in just 5 libguides. So I spent ten hours between Wednesday and today (which sounds light but is inconvenient when you are rushing around to holiday parties and doing last minute Christmas shopping and packing) doing this. It has to be done by January so I could have worked on it over break but, heck, I was so close to having nothing to do over break, I pushed myself.

As a result I spent most of this week in sweatpants, copying and pasting links.  When I get carpel tunnel later in life, I will point to this as what pushed me over the edge. Whatever. The semester is officially done and I can retire for four weeks of fun reading. Time to take off my dressy day cardigan and zip up my Mr. Roger's style home cardigan. Let the relaxation begin!

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