Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just Blue Myself

Via Flickr:
Teal ruffle cardigan: Jcrew
Red floral blouse: Banana Republic
Gray herringbone trousers: Merona
Brown pointy flats: Xhilaration

Oh Tobias! But a touch of blue does make an outfit better.

In other news....this week is insane. I have tons of library instruction sessions every day and projects (why is everything due at the same time?).

But....I got another interview! This time it is a phone interview. The job itself would be amazing (reference and social media at an academic library) but the location is a bit far away. I really want a public library job but wouldn't mind working in an academic library. I am trying to keep an open mind- this job could be a good gateway job to a better job in an area closer to family. At least I am getting some interviews- I must be somewhat qualified to be a librarian! Whoot!

Another thing I realized- I am applying for jobs I love (a true first in my life). The location may not be perfect but I am pumped to do reference work!

Until a real job happens, at least I have clean laundry and the promise of baked fish sticks and homemade tartar sauce!

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