Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot dots

Hot dots, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Via Flickr:
Red cardigan: Merona
Gray polka dot tank: Forever 21
Black bermuda shorts: Old Navy
White flats: Xhilaration
Wooden sparrow heart pin: Etsy

Today was my last day of summer school (web design)!!! I am happy to report that my final project went really well; I can't believe I learned how to create a web page from scratch over 10 short weeks.

Tomorrow marks my official last shift of the summer!! Then I have two weeks of work free bliss before the semester starts. I plan on spicing up my resume and cover letter (for dreaded job applications next year) and reading as many books as I can. I am taking children's lit. this fall (aka, in two weeks!) so I have over 50 children's novels and picture books I ordered through Interlibrary Loan waiting to be read. Done!


  1. Oh, I loved Children's Lit... It was one of my favourite classes heh. I read everyone a story about a polar bear, based on Teddy Roosevelt.

  2. I absolutely love this outfit. I'm always trying to find ways to girly up bermudas and I think you did it perfectly!