Monday, September 5, 2011

Fashion Inspiration: Sophia Petrillo

I started this blog so I could look at what I wear and figure out if it is really librariany.  So far all I can conclude is the astounding amount of repetition of certain items (seriously, I didn't realize I favored certain sweaters so much!).  Another goal was to log my librarian fashion inspirations- people real and fake that inspire my fashion choices.  Clearly, many of these inspirations come from tv and books- I find it interesting that I am inspired by characters, instead of real live people.

One of those people is Sophia Petrillo (played by Estelle Getty) of The Golden Girls.  I say this because I used to have this chunky beloved mustard cardigan that a friend lovingly deemed my Sophia cardigan.  Whatever! Sophia is the most stylish of the Golden Girls- her cardigan and old dress combo or her cardigan blouse and gray slacks combo is classic and classy. Plus, who would not want that straw purse!  With some more modern cuts, her outfits can easily be adapted:

This is my favorite: Mustard cardigan, blue button up blouse, gray slacks, and cheese popcorn.

Other favorites:

At first I thought, "Does this mean that I am a frumpy librarian?  Am I portraying librarians as old ladies through my dress?"  Actually, no way!  I think Sophia Petrillo is kind of an ideal librarian inspiration.  She has the classy and yet conservative librarian outfit but outshines it with her dazzling personality and sass.  There's one episode of the Golden Girls that shows Sophia on her daily route.  She tells the rest of the girls she is buying a nectarine but she actually goes out and helps people: she volunteers at the hospital, leads a band at lunch, and helps a friend get the money she deserves.  I think librarians are the same way.  We may seem conservative and old ladyish but really we love helping people and are pretty darn sassy too!

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  1. I happen to think older ladies have killer fashion sense and I often find myself admiring the outfits of women in their 50's and 60's. It's not frumpy or old, it's classy!