Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Job Hunt: Resumes

No outfit today; I was up last finishing a project so I wore jeans and a hoodie (which, as a coworker once said, "is soooo undergrad").  It wasn't pretty.

However, that does remind me that I should start chronicling my job hunt (which will officially begin once break starts in December) this next term, since I graduate May of 2012.

Having applied for jobs previously, I have a basic resume and cover letter but knew I needed to up my game for this round of job apps.

So phase one of the job hunt is just editing and organizing.  I'm not sure if I can be considered an expert but here are some things I am doing all semester to get ready.

1. Resumes: Not only polish this sucker but also create different versions so I can apply to different types of jobs.  I have a lot of different experiences and different jobs are interested in different things.  So far I have a general resume, a Reference and Instruction resume, an Academic Reference resume, a Public Library Reference resume, and a supervisory focused resume.  Done!

2. Cover letters:  I learned the hard way last time that I don't have to write cover letters fresh each time.  Obviously I am going to personalize each one before I send it off but I have created a document that has paragraphs that discuss varying skills of mine: instruction, in person reference, virtual reference, public library experience, cataloging, technology (primarily website design), and supervision.  Basically, I have a basic cover letter format (with an introduction and conclusion and all the other basics) and I just copy and paste in the corresponding paragraphs, personalizing them if needed.  So say I apply for an Instruction position that wants to know about my instruction skills, reference experience, and experience with social media. Wham Bam- copy and paste. 5 minute cover letter.

3. Additional statements:  I updated my teaching philosophy so it is now library instruction centered.  It still needs some work.  I think teaching philosophies are perhaps the hardest thing to write.

4. A bit of flash: I spent this summer creating a web page to house my basic resume.  I won't link it here because it gives away too much info but if you can get stuff online, do it!  Even if you don't do the HTML or CSS yourself, you can still use sites like Wordpress or Weebly to create free and easy webpages. If it can set me apart from someone else- I am willing to try it!

5. Organization:  I have everything saved on my laptop and flash drive and google docs.  I also have an "applying" folder and an "applied" folder to house resumes and cover letters in progress and that I have already completed.

6. References:  I have nailed down my 3 main references and a few extras for variety (For example, I have the professor who taught me how to teach composition who can talk about my teaching persona).  I have them all set with my resume and other information and they are ready to refer me!

7. Peer Review: As a final step I had a few professors and colleagues look at my resume just to make sure it is free from errors; they caught things I had totally missed! Whoa!

I am basically ready to start filling out endless applications.  Phase 2 is coming up over break: buy a classy, sassy, and professional interview suit!  Future library job, here I come!!

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