Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Like the dying leaves

Via Flickr:
Golden yellow jackie cardigan: JCrew
Black bow top: Merona
Black skirt: Merona
Brown belt: Forever 21
Brown pointed flats: Xhilaration
Silver deer pin: Vintage (Etsy)

My favorite tree is right now is the one with the skinny black branches outlined in vibrant yellow/orange leaves. I am not sure what kind it is (some kind of oak tree?) but I love it.

Inspired I turned to golden yellows and smooth black to imitate its striking hues. Wonderful.

I am a bit less grumpy today- all it took was a morning walk, some Sugar cookie Sleigh ride tea (it seriously does taste like a real cookie!), and helping some students find books today.

Now I am calling it a day and, instead of finishing up some extra work I was given today (more instruction handouts- blerg) I am calling a mental health day and plan on drinking some delicious red wine while making the BFC's Beef Bourguignon (sans Cognac because I am a poor grad student). Life is delicious!

Now, if only this freezing rain would turn into snow!!

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