Monday, November 28, 2011

Wishing for snow

Via Flickr:
Cream short sleeve fairisle sweater: Forever 21
Gray long sleeve Tee: Mossimo
Navy Skirt: JCrew
Gray tights: Target
Brown boots: Famous Footwear

Well, Thanksgiving break is officially over and I am grumpy about it. I think it's because my work level is so minimum. When I was in grad school for literature the end of the semester was the worst. I basically spent all of Thanksgiving break outlining my own three 20 page papers for my grad classes and grading research outlines for my students (I was a TA with full teaching responsibilities). Then the 3 weeks before Christmas break were filled with tests, frantically writing those 20 page papers, and grading about 50 10-12 page research papers. I remember those overcaffinated crazy days: I hated them!!

But I still believe that I am happiest when I am busy. So I got up today and finishing unpacking from break and wondered why I felt so grumpy. And I think it's because library school quiets way down at the end of the semester. Here's what I have to do in the next three weeks: finish a lib guide for cognitive psych (basically done), read one more YA novel (Blubber), and do this group promotion strategy (which I'm pretty sure is just a plan of what we would do to promote new collections). I could get all this done tonight. I have to work at the library and do a few things for my grad assistantship (it's that time of the year to review and redo webpages) but I am sort of just drifting. Life is not hard. So why am so tired and grumpy?

My theory is that I function better when busy, i just do. And I think this strange half state is the weirdest state to be in. I don't have a lot to do but i have enough to keep me from totally relaxing and vegging out.

I think I am also getting more and more anxious about my upcoming job search. I was able to avoid it all semester and now the semester is almost over!!

Oh well, at least I have some leftover homemade pumpkin pie (I used Mark Bittman's pie crust and then just made the pie filling via the Libby's can) and the promise of snow.

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