Thursday, January 26, 2012

It takes some time posting. Opps.

I have not gotten back into the swing of things as I expected. I realized that we are now approaching the end of week 2 of this semester and I still kind of feel like I am on winter break.

I have plenty of work to do (homework and otherwise) but I think the combination of having work and class on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (with only our one hour weekly meeting on Wednesday) and continually applying for jobs on my days off has left me feeling a bit stretched. I only dress librariany when I work and have class but I work so much that I get home late and have no energy. On days off I have been being super lazy (i.e. being a recluse in my pjs). Also, throw in the fact that I have already had two job interviews (yay!) and have had to drive far for them (nay).

I need a nice balance of continually busy with time to relax but I am sure I will get used to this arrangement.

I just need time.

Like caramelized onions.

One thing I did right last week was follow my desire to cook new things. I've never made caramelized onions. They are actually fairly easy but they do take a while. Like an hour, for real.

I used this process.  I tried another recipe and it kind of failed. I think covering them really does help.

To use them I added them to my favorite haphazard pasta dish (whole grain linguine noodles cooked al dente mixed with store bought pesto, huge chunks of feta cheese, and sliced and briefly pan cooked cherry tomatoes). Yum!!

So, we will see how this semester goes. Hopefully I come out of it having a job and having adjusted to this crazy schedule! Yikes!

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