Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Librarian

I had an awesome New Year's Eve.  My closest friends and I wanted to go out, have a few drinks, celebrate quietly and go home so we could wake up refreshed and enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  Of course, since we wanted to keep it casual, it got a little crazy.  I mean, not super crazy, but still crazy enough that we all laid around on the couch/floor/bed until late into the afternoon.  Even a few tumblers of champagne will leave me tired and grouchy for a few days- seriously a sign of getting older.

After a few days on the couch, reading and eating leftover holiday cookies (which I pretended made me a lady of leisure but really made me more of a lazy slob) I am ready to get back into the swing of things- finishing some reading for one of my classes this term, applying for more jobs, and cleaning.

I never make resolutions because I don't really like feeling stuck.  I read somewhere that, instead of resolutions, we should vow to do more of the things we like and I think that's always been my philosophy.  I don't necessary want to change because I'm always changing.

Anyways, here are my grad student/librarian "resolutions" (aka things I want to do more of) for 2012

-BE EARLY FOR WORK!! (I am always on time or one minute late if campus is busy and I kind of hate feeling that stressed on my way to work.  So, I am just going to vow to get places early and check my email and chill.)
-Make a new recipe every week (doesn't have to be super extravagant or exotic, just something I have never tried.  Some things in the back of my mind- homemade fish sticks, legit carrot cake, meatball subs, yum!!!)
-In that vein, continue to support local businesses and, likewise, spend time making more homemade food instead of buying prepackaged stuff (when my grad school schedule allows).
-Finish working my way through all of the James Bond films (I love them but am not as excited now that I've hit the Roger Moore ones. I mean, Moonraker is ridiculous- weird villian falling in love scene, awkward astronaughts fighting in space, etc.)
-Apply for awesome jobs and entry level jobs alike.
-Be more confident about my skills and abilities.
-Be brave and fearless about the future.
-Streamline my wardrobe to be more professional. Get rid of sentimental pieces I have not worn in a year or more.
-Read more nonfiction (being an English major has trained me to only browse the fiction section but, dang, narrative nonfiction is pretty amazing!).
-Carve out time to stay in touch with close friends

I think I can manage most of these things!  Happy 2012!

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