Monday, January 30, 2012

Starts and stripes

Via Flickr:
Navy jackie cardigan: Jcrew
Red stripe top: H&M
Gray skirt: Jcrew
Gray tights: target
Brown boots: Call it Spring

I took this after my morning Reader's Advisory class which was wonderful! We talked about why we read and how we (as librarians) can encourage people to read.

At this point in the day I am a bit tired after working all day and am sort of disheartened about the job search. I got another interview (by phone). So far I have had two interview invitations from jobs I am not so pumped about and one I am pumped about. I am on pins and needles to find out if I got a second interview for the job I am really pumped about (it's a public library reference job where I would get to do website stuff and it's a decent salary with benefits and pay increases every few years).

I'm trying to figure out a new strategy. Obviously there are jobs with a decent starting salary (I don't need a lot but I am sort of freaked out about loan payments and car payments, etc.) and that really fit my skills, but there are also jobs with a really minimal salary and some things I might not want to do. Bottom line- the job market stinks and I feel I can't afford to be picky. But I'm starting to think I shouldn't just apply for everything- I got the email today about this new interview and my heart sort of sank.

Since it is early enough I might be pickier at the moment and apply for jobs I am actually excited about because getting two out of three interviews to lower paying scary jobs is sort of depressing. At least I got one good interview so far to boost my spirit!

This job thing is crazier than I thought! It's not just making my resume and cover letter shine: it's about gambling. Do I hold out for that awesome job or do I place a safe bet on a mediocre job?

And the waiting....arrg! My supervisor told me that some academic library jobs take months before they even start interviews. The suspense! The suspense!

For now, I'm okay because I still have time. I may, however, be a complete basket case in April.

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