Monday, January 9, 2012


I really love Christmas (like Elf style love) and so I am always surprised to find myself so quietly happy after the holidays are over.  The New Year can be overwhelming but I find myself happy to feel as if I have a fresh start.  I love planning out my week, my month, my year and reimagining my home- everything from moving furniture to changing the pictures or bringing in new fresh scents.

One thing I would love to change is my bookshelves (seen in the background of my everyday outfit pictures).  I've got a great tall one I inherited from my aunt but I foolishly turned down the other one (not enough space in my previous apartment) and have filled the void with crappy (mainly because I put them together myself) $15 Walmart bookcases.  While I would ultimately love built in bookcases in the future, at the moment I would just like some nice matching sturdy bookcases to create a nice library.  I've been casually wondering onto the storage section of Ikea's website for days now.  Since grad school is done in May and I will be forced to move, I don't want to invest now.  However, if I get an awesome job and can afford some matching furniture, the bookshelves are going to be first on the list (such a librarian thing I'm sure, although at least my books are not organized by Dewey Decimal at home!).

So, it doesn't hurt to be prepared by looking longingly at my new fav Tumblr, Bookshelf Porn.  Enjoy.  I know I am!!

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