Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty Parisan

Pretty Parisan, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Book: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genuis
Red stripe top: H&M
Gray tank: Hollister
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Brown flats: Xhilaration
Bird necklace: Modcloth
Gray scarf: From Portobello road in London

I am rocking this week. Seriously. For the past two weeks I have been behind and now, thanks to some cancelled classes, I have managed to get a bit ahead on work.

Because I only had a library G.A. meeting today I decided to make today a work day and quickly hurried off to the corner Starbucks for some afternoon cafe studying. Because of my stripe top and my choice of music (the Amelie soundtrack), I felt a little like I was in Montmartre. Just a little.

Sometimes, I forget I own things, like this awesome gray scarf which I purchased while on a side trip to London. The trip was kind of a disaster (almost missed flight, really bad hostel, bad tour experience, etc.) but I did get to see a few places I had been longing for, in particular Portobello Road. I have always been a huge fan of Bedknobs and Broomsticks (dancing underwater!!) so when I had an opportunity to visit P. Road, I knew I had to take it (and sing the song in my head).

Besides my fancy studying experiences, library life has been kind of quiet. In my cataloging class we have made it to Dewey Classification. Let me tell you what a pain in the butt that is. It's all numerical so nothing about it is intuitive. One thing I did learn is that, when the book is about a specific place (such as the United States) you add that on to the number with "09" which stands for a geographic place and the country number (the United States is 73). So a book about intelligence testing in the United States would be: 153.930973 because the number for psychological intelligence tests is 153.93 and the code for the U.S. is 73 (with the 09 in front to represent a place). It's fairly easy for less complex subjects but some of the exercises have me trying multiple searches.

I do have to admit, it's really making me want to be a cataloger. If only I could find a job where I could do reference part of the time and cataloging for the rest of my hours. Sigh, a girl can dream.

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