Monday, May 9, 2011

Finals Week Fun

Red and Grey, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Via Flickr:
Grey short sleeve cardigan: Forever 21
Red blouse: Old Navy
Black crop pants: Gap
Black heels: Candies
Sparrow necklace: Etsy

The end is in sight!! I am done with school work and basically just have reference work this week. The irony here is that I now can devote my full attention to the desk (instead of trying to do homework) and this week will be so painfully slow. At this point of the semester students have done most of their research and just need to get their work done. I will basically be answering a million phone calls about where the book drop is and late fee policies as well as finding that last minute statistic or article. I hope.

Anyways, since I still I have work, I still get to put together some decent looking work clothes (instead of the shorts and tank I wear at my sweltering hot apartment).

I am good at putting together fall and winter outfits but struggle with summer work clothes somewhat. That will be my challenge, besides reading a lot of for fun books and organizing.

I did get a head start by organizing all of my work related training handouts (on the reference interview, on different databases, on circulation policies, etc.).  Organization is a beautiful thing.

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