Thursday, May 19, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

Via Flickr:
Blue Bike: My mom's old Schwinn
Wicker basket: Target
Red Cardigan: Merona
White ruffle top: Old Navy
Blue stripe skirt: H&M
Gladiator sandals: American Eagle

Today was my first reference shift of the summer and was, surprisingly, not horribly slow: A lot of questions about fines and fun summer reading. Add in the fact that it was a gorgeous day and I got to ride my bike to work means that today was almost perfect (I will get to the almost part at the end of my tale).

I got this bike basket for a late birthday present and installed it yesterday. It bounces around quite a bit during the ride but it holds about 5 books plus my tote easily. I like being my own handyman- it's nice to look at my bike and be proud of putting that basket on.

I took this picture after work before I joined up with some friends for a delicious Mexican dinner.

Here's the almost part: after returning from said dinner, full of margaritas and tacos, I was in my kitchen doing dishes and feeling virtuous when the lighting fixture randomly detached from the ceiling, hit me on the shoulder and smashed into a million pieces on the floor. Luckily, the maintenance people are very quick at responding so I can get someone to take a look at it tomorrow but man, what a scary frightening bummer!


  1. I actually had that happen to me in one of my previous apartments! Except I wasn't in the kitchen at the time and all I heard was the terrible smash. I was just so glad my cat wasn't there!

  2. I didn't even know what had happened at first- I had a cabinet open and thought maybe a glass fell from above. It was just one of those, "oh crap" moments as I was just getting ready to turn in. Old apartments!!