Friday, May 13, 2011

Shorts weather!

Via Flickr:
Turquoise cardigan: Merona
Olive tank top: American Eagle
Black bermuda shorts: Old Navy
Black flats: Steve Madden
Sparrow heart pin: Etsy

Yesterday I needed an outfit that would transition from 85 degrees outside to freezing cold (typical summer library temperature. Brr). I just stuffed this bright cardigan in my bag and voila: instant warmth. I am also in love with these black bermuda shorts- I have had them for years and they dress up and dress down so nicely! From work to our end of the year work party. It was a dip contest, which is pretty exciting as I love dip!!  I made this amazing fruit dip.

Today I wore this more casual outfit (still turquoise loaded though) because I had my last shift of the semester and now I am getting ready to visit a friend.

Turquoise boyfriend tee: Mossimo
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Navy polka dot scarf: Old Navy
Gladiator sandals: American Eagle

And on that note, I will be on a self-imposed hiatus for a week.  I start my summer shifts next Thursday but throughout the summer I only work two days a week.  So I will only document those outfits as the rest of my summer wear is a basic shorts and tank boring uniform.

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  1. What is up with libraries being fridgid anyway? I keep a snuggly cardigan at work just for this reason.

    Aw, less outfit photos... I think it would be an opportunity to try and spice things up while keeping it summer-cool :)