Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mushroom caps

Mushroom caps, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Via Flickr:
Red cardigan: Merona
Brown ruffle dress: Old Navy
Brown belt: Forever 21
Gray socks: Target
Brown riding boots: Famous Footwear
Sparrow necklace: Etsy

I was inspired by my little red and white mushroom plant decoration you see behind me. Brown and red seemed a natural combo for a shady and mildly chilly day- mushrooms hang out in shaded spots, you know.

I think I am also ready for some chill behavior as well. I have successfully wrapped up 2 of my 3 classes and only my pesky cataloging portfolio remains. It's basically done; it just needs a lengthy mistake check. I just need a bit of motivation to make it through to Friday. Unfortunately, I have already moved into summer mode by listening to a freak ton of old TAL podcasts and rewatching Buffy. Yeah, that is helping me get homework done.

One thing I love- being able to work the reference desk without homework looming over me. It's nice not being startled by patrons because I am deep in reading- I am actually able to catch someone's eye as they are in the process of walking over. I also feel more relaxed about helping people.

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