Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sick Librarian

Standards, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Via Flickr:
Olive green jackie cardigan: JCrew
Black shirt dress: Merona
Teal belt: Merona
Black pointy shoes: Xhilaration

So I have an awful chest cold and have to make it through the busiest few days of the semester. Yuck. Yesterday I had to give a book talk for my class, work a long shift, and finish a paper. Today I was in the library at 8 am to teach, have a break now, work, then teach a grad level ESL class, and then work a 9-midnight chat shift This would be normally fine if I wasn't breaking down into coughing fits every five minutes. I am a little grumpy but I will survive.

Plus, after my meeting tomorrow, I am free for Spring Break! Which basically means I can lie on my couch for days on end and drink tea and watch Midsomer Murders. Now that is my idea of a sick day!


  1. love this look! a belt always adds the perfect touch!



  2. For sure!!! Belts are my saving grace some mornings.