Monday, April 23, 2012

Black white and red all over

Via Flickr:
Black jackie cardigan: Jcrew
Stripe tee: Heritage 21
Red skirt: David N
Black flats: Steve Madden

What is black white and red all over? A zebra with a rash! Or a tired librarian?

I had a total zen moment the other day. I have to work 10 extra hours each week for the next 3 weeks (includes this week) because I am under hours (through no fault of my own- they just guessed at the hours my extra assistantship would need and sort of over guessed). Anyways, I was covering the circulation desk yesterday for someone because I needed the hours. I was super grumpy about it because I was tired (I had an amazing weekend beer tasting with friends) and I had to miss my new favorite show Once Upon a Time (it is so cheesy but I am soooo addicted to it). I did not really want to do this shift but I ended up leaving it in the best mood. The desk was crazy on Sunday night but I helped so many people: I helped clean table for someone and helped some one print up a design project so it looked right and got someone a study room they needed. It was the most busy shift ever but I left on a total high. I just felt so good at 9 pm when I was leaving the library.

So the good news is that I have for sure found the right profession for me; I remember doing one of those Meyer-Briggs tests I am but I am totally a nurturer (I think ISFJ?) because I just love to help people (even though I am an introvert). Just seeing students leave the library with what they need or helping them out of a makes me tear up a bit.

The bad news is that the semester is almost over so my job as a grad assistant at this library is almost done and I have no job lined up.

I am in the right profession, but I don't have a job.. Grrr. At least I have something to float on while I look for that job.

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