Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where to look for library jobs

Not like I have a job yet but I sure am looking hard for one!

I thought I would share some of the sites I have been using to hunt of openings.  An important note: I am looking primarily for public library jobs in the Midwest (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana) so there may be sources for other states that I am not aware of.

General job postings (these sites post all types of jobs for all places):

-ALA Job list (better for academic jobs but still worth a look):

-LIS Jobs (not updated as frequently as ALA but they have some different jobs):

-LibGig (consistent postings and a nice variety of jobs):

-Society for scholarly publishing (nice if you are looking to get into acquisitions and collection building at a publisher. Something different!):

State specific job  postings:

-I Need A Library Job (check out the Job pages in the menu at the top for lists of state specific resources):

-Wisc Jobs (Wisconsin):

-RAILS (Illinois):

-SLIS (Indiana):

-Joblist (Iowa):

-Michigan jobline (Michigan):



-School specific listservs: Many library schools have their own job boards or email listservs.  Take advantage of this!!!

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