Monday, April 2, 2012

Cardigan with Plums

Via Flickr:
Book: Chicken with Plums
Olive jackie cardigan: J Crew
White yoke dress: Old Navy
Brown belt: Target
Brown wedges: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Looking over my Flickr page....apparently I am obsessed with this cardigan. I just did laundry this weekend so it was so temptingly clean looking I picked it again!

Anyways, besides repeating cardigans, I am repeating life: class, work, and job apps. But it's not so hum drum- I get to buy the newest psychology books for the library (based on Choice Reviews) and it has been fun reading about all of these new books.

I've also been reading Game of Thrones. OMG. Still so good. I am still surprised that I love it so much that I have been getting into bed earlier than usual just to read it! Life can never be dull with good books.

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