Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bread and Resolutions

So I did make some delicious Minestrone soup yesterday as well as some simple ciabatta bread.

Soup (I used 4 cups of beef broth instead of 2 cups broth and 2 cups water)

One minute (kinda) ciabatta bread

And because I myself need lots of visual imagery and because my camera is still on the fritz, I am using the recipe's picture (mine looked fairly similar, with less herbs):

And since nothing clears the mind more than a nice winter's night with a bowl of homemade soup and bread, I started thinking more about why I started this blog, why I've been meaning to start this blog, and what my 2011 goals are.

1. Try to work in rarely worn clothes into my daily wardrobe.  I pretty much have a uniform of a dress or skirt, tank top, cardigan, and boots/flats.  I have some shirts and outfits that fit me and yet have stayed in my closet for years despite not being worn.  Also, as I am a poor grad student, my other clothes goal this year is to not buy anything unless it is necessary.  I pray this blog forces me to be more creative about my outfits so I won't be so tempted to buy beautiful clothes I cannot afford.

2. Get out more: explore the world.  While I have wonderful friends and family (and am plenty busy between work and friends visiting) I would like to spend more time around this town, meeting new people. I'm hoping that the motivation to take pictures of my daily life, to catalog on this blog, inspires me to try new things.

3. Try a new recipe each week.  I love to cook; it saves me money and it is so fun to create delicious things.  However, I fall into the staple recipes (mashed potatoes, baked chicken, stir fry veggies) too frequently!  By the end of this year, I hope the food category on this blog will be filled with my new staples (side note: this makes me think of that recent 30 Rock episode where Tracy Jordan's old son makes that restaurant called Staples that has the fake Godzila fights.  I hope my endeavors are not as disastrous)

4. As usual, continue to read voraciously.

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