Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

Green Gables, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.

Shawl collar cardigan: Mossimo
Green dress: Mossimo
Gray tights: Target
Brown boots: ? (purchased from famous footwear)
Bird pin and clock necklace: etsy

So I have a confession to make- I am a sucker for period dramas.  So much so that the "20th Century period pieces" is always a recommended category in Netflix.  It seems very librarian of me to be sartorially inspired by books or movies based on books.  Books rule my life.   I've just resigned myself to the fact that my movie collection is kind of geeky and that I shouldn't be ashamed to admit that I watch Anne of Green Gables multiple times in one week. Lately, I've also been watching a ton of the old TV show Road to Avonlea.  It is a major guilty pleasure. Sigh.  I've always been obsessed with the shawl collar cardigans that permeate this movie, so when I saw a reasonably priced brown one at Target this past fall, I snatched it up fast.  It's not exact but it does make me feel a bit more cozy.

My schedule is strange this semester- I spend much more time at home because we are trying out shifts from home for IM chat and I am taking two online classes.  I am horrible at self-discipline so I have to force myself to pick out a real (i.e. not sweatpants) outfit and keep the tv either off or on mute while working.  I kind of hate working from home because it takes so much longer to get things done.  I love having a job I can go to, work hard, and then leave (without having the take home grading I did when I was teaching composition).  So I'm struggling to find a balance of work and rest.

Coffee helps.

P.S. I just returned from the post office where I mailed new pretty camera off to Nikon so they could look at the stuck lens (it is still under warranty).  For now I have a beat-up loaner camera from a friend to get by.  It may be permanent if pretty camera is unfixable.

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