Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peppermint Friday

Red and white stripe top: H&M
Gray tank: AE
Black skirt: Merona
Gray tights: Target
Turquoise Moccasins: Payless

Since I had a Vanilla Monday, I knew I needed to sweeten up Friday just a bit.  This red striped top was just vivacious enough for a short reference shift and some coffee shop studying (with a peppermint mocha, appropriately).  I originally paired this outfit with my trusty brown boots but then felt I had been over wearing them lately so I put on my snow boots and tossed these turquoise flats in my bag.  There is something utterly irresistible to me about the red and turquoise combo.

And this sparrow  I first saw it over at Inside a Black Apple (which is a lovely sartorial inspiration) and followed the Etsy link to buy one of my own.

I need to do a post about birds in the future; I used to have a canary when I was a girl and fell madly in love with birds and bird imagery as a result.

Hopefully my obsession does not turn into this:

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