Saturday, January 15, 2011

Librarian Fashion Inspiration: Liz Lemon and Jenna Maroney

One other component of librarian fashion I want to explore is fictional characters who dress like librarians.  When I was thinking about this part of the blog, Liz Lemon(of the show 30 Rock) came to mind immediately.  However, when sharing my idea with a friend she insisted that Jenna Maroney had more of a sexy librarian vibe going on.  So I asked her which one I dressed like.  She said: "Honestly, Gina, a bit of both.  Most of the time you are a kind of frumpy Liz Lemon with your cardigans and glasses and sometimes you are like Jenna with her cute blouses and secretary skirts."

It's an interesting idea: Liz Lemon is the frumpy old lady librarian (sorry Tina Fey, I think you are gorgeous!) and Jenna Maroney is the sexy librarian.  Two stereotypes in one show. Awesome.

The point of this endeavor will be to feature outfits I already own that mirror these two librarian fashion inspirations.

The sad part is that I don't need to try that hard for a Liz lemon look.  Many times I will turn on 30 Rock and will find that, to quote GFY, "Liz Lemon pops up in something I also have and I get concerned about myself."
 So get ready for a month of the best of 30 Rock's librarian fare. 

In other news, a new semester starts on Monday and I am doing my best to avoid getting ready for it.  I finally checked my email (librarians send about a million emails a day) today and spent all morning just cleaning out my inbox.  Looks like things are back to busy.

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