Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shhhh! This is a library!

The creation of this blog has been a long time coming.  It happened for two reasons:

1. Last year I applied to and successfully got accepted to my MLS program of choice.  When the inevitable question of what I was doing with my life came up at weddings, family functions, and parties, the most common response to my answer of "librarian" was this: "How wonderful!!  And you dress like a librarian already!"

I always laughed this off but in the past few months of starting school (I finished my first semester of the MLS program this past December, FYI) I've been pondering this statement more and more.  What does it mean to be a librarian?  More importantly, how does society peg librarians?  Is this stereotype truthful? Harmful?

That's why this will be a case study of my actions, fashion choices, and language as a librarian.  I hope to find out if I really dress like a librarian and what that entails.

2.  This blog is also personal.  It is a way for me to catalog the ideas and events that occur during my journey from library patron to full scale librarian.

So what will this blog include? A bit of everything: fashion, food, books, current events, and library theory.  It's not quite professional but more than a personal diary.

Who am I?  For the purposes of this blog I am a semi-anonymous stereotypical (up for debate) librarian.  I will tell you that I currently reside as a student at an MLS program in the Midwest.  I also am lucky enough to have a graduate assistantship where I work behind the reference desk at the University library and teach library instruction classes.  Eventually, I would like to be an Academic Reference librarian but also have a passing interest in cataloging.

Let the research begin!

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