Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On images

Cream and black top: H&M
Black tank dress: Forever 21
Purple polka dot sash: Thrifted
Gray tights: Target
Black flats: Candies

I like that it looks like I am dancing in this picture (for the record, I have minimal dancing skills.).  I felt a bit dance-y and jazzed this morning because I slept in until 9 am, so I felt well rested.  This outfit is kind of like an improv dance- some well loved pieces that I mixed at random.  I rarely wear this black dress outside of summer because it can be a bit low cut, even with a cardigan over it.  Solution- layer a top under it.  I also forget about this amazing high necked blouse that never fails to make me feel like a Victorian lady.  In looking for tights, I brushed across this purple polka dot sash (I went through a phase in college where I would buy any bright scarf/sash I saw and wear it as a head scarf). Outfit complete.  Some of the best things can be unmediated.

I was looking through my Flickr for other images to post because I love image heavy posts and I could not help thinking of an article I  read for class yesterday about Professionalism and the future of library service*.  In this article, Abbott notes that we are becoming a culture of images (no surprise here), but that may actually be helpful for the future of libraries as librarians will be the ones to figure out how to organize, catalog, and preserve these images.  Even more interesting is that Abbott strongly feels that this will be the final push towards print culture being "high culture."   It is so easy to integrate images and video into educational practices (and blogs!) but I have to wonder if we have a responsibility to promote print culture or, at the very least, a combination culture.  I hope I don't live to see the day that a library is bookless, with just computer terminals to access online sources and tables and chairs to study (because many current articles in the field emphasize that the library has become more of a cultural gathering space, instead of a research space).  And I also hope that print culture doesn't become elite!!

*Abbott, Andrew. " Professionalism and the Future of Librarianship," Library Trends 46(3):430-43 (Winter 1998).

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