Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Always the hours

Gray cardigan: Old Navy
Red and white polka dot dress: Vintage
Gray tights: Target
White shoes: Target
White bead bracelet: Thrifted

Book: The Time Traveler's Wife
Black blouse: Merona
Gray pinstripe skirt: Express
Teal tights: Target
Black patent leather shoes: Candies
White bead bracelet: Thrifted

Some days, I need to ignore what I need to do and do what I want to do.  For example, today I needed to finish a 105 pg. article about the Census Bureau but instead I watched The Hours on repeat after getting home from work.  I absolutely love The Hours: the beautiful backdrops, the close-up of everyday life, a little V. Woolf, and a soothing score by Philip Glass.  Every time I watch it, I marvel at the beauty of repetition of daily acts.  It brings a bit more meaning to my job as librarian, a job that depends on smooth repetition to keep the library in working order.  Lovely.

Life isn't all about afternoon movie watching and vintage polka dot dresses.  I also decided I needed to not wear boots in this gorgeous weather (it got to 55 degrees today!).  Unfortunately, I forgot about the melting snow and had some very wet feet!  Better than cold feet (both literally and metaphorically).

Besides movies and wet feet, I also volunteered at the local public library's computer lab, boxed up more books to send to the storage facility, and did finish my weekly cataloging post.  I also made this red pepper and tomato soup (which is delicious but involves a bit of time and kitchenware, which means my kitchen is a mess!!):

I roasted my own red and yellow peppers (which is totally worth it!!) and simmered them with onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

I once again reminded myself why I need an immersion blender; blending hot soup in batches in my magic bullet often has painful side effects.

After I shoveled down some hot delicious mouthfuls, I managed to wrangle one picture. 

 "To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face and to know it for what it is. At last to know it, to love it for what it is, and then, to put it away."


  1. I really like the cardigan in your first picture! Did you like The Time Traveler's Wife? I quite enjoyed it - the book and the movie, though the book was OF COURSE better! :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  2. I love The Time Traveler's Wife! And I agree- I was disappointed in the movie as it left some of my favorite parts out (it seemed to move to quickly also). Besides the fact that Henry is a librarian (who works in the Newberry no less!) I really enjoyed the feeling of being pushed and pulled through it emotionally (it's such a mix of joyful and sad moments) and the mystery of Henry's end. Librarians make good protagonists!