Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life is not black and white

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Thursday's Outfit:
Book: Just So Stories
Black tie shirt: Merona
Wool plaid jumper dress: Thrifted
Black tights: Target
Black shoes: Candies

Friday's Outfit:
Teal and Green stripe cardigan: Old Navy
Black tee: Gap
Black Skirt: Merona
Gray tights: Target
Black shoes: Candies

Just a quick post to catalog the rest of my outfits from this week.  Wednesday's outfit was Undergrad central (college hoodie, jeans, and chucks) because I had nothing going on but my online class.   I really love that wool jumper- I only end up pairing it with black but that does not make it boring in my eyes.  It makes me feel a little Mad Men-esque and/or a little sexy librarian, which is not a bad thing.  I am also crazy about that Blue/Green stripe cardigan.  It is so beautiful but I never wear it because I have problems matching it (plus, the stripes and the short length don't exactly work with my curvier figure).  I need to wear it more because the student I helped with a research question (on the psychological effects of yoga) was really jazzed about my cardigan for some reason.

Besides slacking off from blogging and life in general, I have been reading Kipling's Just So Stories before bedtime.  One of my favorites is how the camel got his hump. SPOILER ALERT.  At the beginning of the world, the Camel refused to do any work and all the other animals were kind of mad about it.  They talked to this wise man, who told the Camel that he would have to make up the 3 days of work he had missed.  In order for the Camel to be able to work continuously to make up the work, the wise man gave the Camel a hump so he could work without needing to eat.

I am the Camel this week.  I have been falling behind in my reading/work and to catch up I have been having to pull extra hours (sans the hump of course, thankfully).  The Camel never catches up, so says Kipling, and I suspect I never will catch up either.

As a result, it was a weird and disjointed week.  I was completely ready to do a purgative blog post yesterday and get ready for a restful weekend, but Friday was the crazy icing on the cake.  I finally did Laundry...but lost a whole pillowcase in the process.  I finally went grocery shopping....and left a bag with $6 worth of sorbet and candy at the store.  I finally made a real dinner (vegetarian chili) to break to turkey sandwich rut (I was going to photograph it and everything)....but  let it burn on the stove when I fell asleep reading.  I also spilled a hot cup of coffee all over my car's dashboard. Fail.

I have not been myself this week- I feel out of sorts and disorganized.  But today I managed to catalog my juvenile fiction book successfully for class and finished a 138 page article about Federal Depositories (when I opened it on e-reserve this morning I groaned out loud at the thought of reading that much about gov. info).  With homemade pizza in my tummy, a Harry Potter movie watched, and hot water jetting out into the bathtub as I type this entry, I think I am on my way to prepping myself for next week to be better.  And it will be: I start teaching Library Instruction classes, we are having a taco potluck at work for V-day, and a dear British mystery loving friend is visiting next weekend.  I can handle that!

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