Monday, February 7, 2011


Gray turtleneck: Gap
Blue pinstripe skirt: H&M
Belt: Target (clearance!!)
Leggings: Target
Rainbow Stripe socks: Target
Brown riding boots: Famous Footwear
Clock necklace: Etsy

One nice perk of deciding to catalog my wardrobe is noticing patterns.  After a few weeks I see a huge pattern: blue and gray (aka blah and double blah).  My winter wardrobe needs some color!!!  Today, I wasn't thinking about color- I was truthfully planning my route around campus before work in my head (printing lab, bank, office computer) and realized I would need something more.  I passed by this turtleneck; then I went back to it.  I like the idea of turtlenecks but they are a challenge for me.  For one thing, they remind me of a 90's childhood where a white turtle was all to common fare under sweaters and t-shirts (shudder).  More importantly, anything in a crewneck or turtleneck tends to make me feel like I have a uni-boob situation.  Since I am, by nature, more of the frumpster librarian, drawing any attention to my chest is something I consciously avoid at all costs.  I finally realized I was going to be late and just grabbed the thing.  Of course I paired it with a beautiful, yet muted, skirt. Blah.

I was scanning AcademicChic during my break today and saw this fabulously bright outfit.  It inspired me to break past the blue/grey barrier that is probably helping me blend into the reference desk.  Students are going to be coming in for more research help- hopefully I can cheer them up with some good resources and sunny outfits.

Because I have been reading non stop (I'm not that virtuous, just trying to catch up before teaching starts), I feel just as sartorially inspired by my reading.  In reading an article about Ranganathan's laws, I realized that he gives some good life advice.  His first law is: "Books are for use."  Just like books, clothing is for use (wearing).  I need to make better use of my resources!

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