Sunday, February 13, 2011

NPR style Valentine

I am a happy camper- I worked at the circ desk today (my student workers are so awesome!) and read 140 pages (it needed to happen) about uninformed citizens.  Now I am finishing the last load of weekend laundry, watching an episode of the Golden Girls, and inhaling the delicious scent of incense (to block out the gross smell of cigarette smoke from my neighbors who smoke in the hall of my building, yuck).

This means I can start the week ready and prepared.  I will be back tomorrow with a nice teaching outfit.  Since I feel weird about wearing tons of red on V-Day, I want to express my Valentine's day spirit with a thoughtful Valentine that was sent to me earlier.  It combines NPR and the Freedom of Information (two known things that librarians love!):

For more NPR Valentines, look here.

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