Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is Something

Book: Selected poems of e.e. cummings
Teal cardigan: Merona
Black ruffle tee: Gap
White and black patterned skirt: Forever 21
Black tights: Target
Black shoes: Candies
Heart necklace: F21 (?)

I feel weird wearing red or pink on Valentine's day- I think maybe I overdid it as a kid.  And while this outfit would have worked well with a red cardigan, the blue was a nice change.  It was a pretty outfit for a pretty awesome day.  Let me count the ways: taught an awesome library instruction class today (seriously the students were shouting out search terms; i love the pre-lunch crowd), enjoyed a delicious taco potluck at work today (and had to waddle home, seriously), finished checking the records of the old travel books (now we just have to mark them for our storage facility!), slashed through some giant puddles in my red rain boots (coat open!), had a fun cataloging class (we got to classify turtles and wine. jealous?), and am now feeling sick from V-day chocolate.  My goal is to read a small article for class tomorrow before bed.  However, I think I can also squeeze in a love flick (or, more likely, a movie I love!).  Perhaps Manhattan Murder Mystery?

Also, while riding home on the bus, stuffed with delicious Mexican fare, this song came on my Ipod.  It is so true today, and should be true everyday:

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