Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is necessary

Green cable knit sweater: Forever 21
White Button up: Riders
Gray Skirt: Old Navy
Black leggings and tights: Target
Boots: Famous Footwear
Skeleton key necklace: Etsy?

This picture was taken hastily before I left the apartment this morning, as I knew I would not be back until dark (hence the weird glazed over look on my face- it serves me right for hitting the snooze button 3 times this morning!  I look so awkward!).  It's really really really cold here.  That may sound obvious but it is a fact I tend to ignore when picking out cute skirts and tights.  I only remember when I am waiting for the bus on campus for 15 minutes and become convinced that my legs have become so numb that I must indeed be paralyzed.  This morning I did remember and wore tights and leggings- nice and toasty. 

Unfortunately, one true part about being a librarian (and the primary reason why librarians wear cardigans, which I will explore at a later date in this catalog) is that the workplace  (the library) is never the right temperature.  For the first two weeks of school it has been freezing.  Today, of course today, it was blazing hot.  So I was warm waiting for my bus for 15 minutes, and then a hot sweaty mess for about 3 hours at the reference desk.  I can't win. 

I was inspired by AcademicChic's current outwear week (especially S's cute down coat) and decided to snap a picture of my winter coat.  I have coats I am more in love with but I end up wearing this everyday because it is so warm.

Missing are the cream mittens (fleece lined) that match my scarf.  Yet another way I fail at winter- they go so well with everything and yet they get so dirty (I have to soak them in Woolite every few weeks or so.).

I am about ready to relax with a big glass of water (so thirsty lately!), more Flannery O'Connor, and then hit the hay.  I think I've earned it since I got all of my cataloging reading done today and my record MARC 21 post of the week.

I think the quote of the week came from:   Bowman, J.H.. "Ch. 4: Description." Essential Cataloguing. Facet Publishing, 2003. 20-85.

As lengthy as this reading was, Bowman was rocking my world with comments (I paraphrase here) like, "I don't really agree with this rule, but it has to be done," and "You may feel sorry for the other two authors and will want to acknowledge them, but don't.  Remember, either publish with less than three people or get your name first." Nice.

Learning cataloging is like learning a different language and I am already struggling with trying to figure out what is necessary, what is essential.

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