Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The comforts of home

Book: Everything that Rises Must Converge
Brown rust cardigan: Mossimo
Navy dress: Forever 21
Gray long sleeve tee: Gap
Sweater tights: unknown
Brown boots: Famous Footwear
Clock necklace: Etsy

Snow day number 2.  We got maybe 10 inches, which was enough to close the college.  My parents called this morning and mentioned that they had got 20 inches of snow- crazy!!!  Even though the roads were plowed, going anywhere was out of the question today.

But it was serenely wonderful outside:

Besides that small journey outside to scrap off my car and make sure it would start, I stayed snuggled on the couch for most of the day, indulging in some Alfred Hitchcock movies (I have them spaced in my Netflix queue so I won't watch them all at once- I want to space them out over my life so I will still have good movie surprises waiting).  Off course watching pretty tweed clad ladies forced me to put on some real but comfy clothes.  Jersey dresses are kind of like cheating- everyone thinks you look nice because you have a dress on but really, you are more comfortable than you would be in jeans.  Since my apartment is freezing I layered a long sleeve tee, sweater tights, and a cardigan for warmth.

I am going to quickly make some soup and grilled cheese before my online night class (gov. info!) and dream about days when I don't have to layer so heavily.  Days where I can ride a bike, like Alfred Hitchcock:

Image courtesy of the wonderful tumblr feed Rides a Bike.  Kind of amazing.


  1. Ahh You Dress Like a Librarian (literally...I'm not just repeating your blog name back to you ha!) and I love it! Your style reminds me of Tania's from What Would a Nerd Wear. :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  2. Haha! Thanks. That was what started the blog- my friends telling me that I dressed like a librarian.

    I actually just recently discovered What Would a Nerd Wear- I love her style!! As I was scrolling through her blog I saw that we have some of the same styling tendencies.