Monday, February 28, 2011

Early walks and LCSH

Book: Jane Eyre
Green sweater top: Kenzi
Cream ruffle henley: Aeropostale
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Brown Boots: Famous footwear
Skeleton key necklace: Etsy

Today was a strange day in my terms. I got up early, having been really tired on Sunday and going to sleep around 9:30, and decided to take a walk outside before coffee and oatmeal. It's still cold outside, but that spring freshness is beginning to creep in. In any case, this early walk put me in kind of a day dreamy romantic mood. Plus, I am still reading Jane Eyre, which is romantic and nature-y in it's own right.

It was the perfect outfit choice for one small hour at our virtual desk (i.e. where I am not physically seen) and coffee shop studying (had to finish a small report on the issue of authority control in local photographic digitization projects). While it sounds daunting, my paper ended up being interesting. When libraries chose to archive local photographs or postcards they often find that subject headings don't exist that are sufficient to describe the items (i.e. there is no authority file because of the specificity of the items). As a result, catalogers struggle between picking new specific terms (St. Peter's church) not in the Library of Congress Subject Headings and general terms (like Architecture--Church) that would be in the LCSH. It's an interesting problem!

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