Thursday, February 24, 2011

Librarian things I want

These new stamps from ModCloth remind so much of our due date stamps at work.  Back in the days when I taught composition, I would have used this out on all of those writing samples and papers. Bam!!  The truth is that I have a soft spot for library items.  Not only because I love working in a library, but I love the way a library works.  I love the soft mechanical rhythm of the place- the soothing order of checking out a book: scan the card, scan the book, stamp the due date, desensitize the binding. Delicious.  Is it wrong I love stampin and scannin?

There is no outfit post today because, while I did have an outfit on today (thank goodness because I am not ready to be known as the naked librarian), I did not have time to document it.  Busy busy.  On the bright side I am done with cataloging the travel books!!  I really really enjoyed it but it did take up a sizable chunk of my week (which is why I was struggling to get homework done).  I like being a Grad student but I love being a librarian and I kind of can't wait until school is done.  I wish I could go to work and put my heart and soul into it without being distracted by homework.  One day.

In any case, I have an early morning tomorrow so I am going to hit the hay and dream about this beautiful stamp and also about getting to walk through the snow to work in my beautiful red boots.

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