Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red poppies

Red poppies, originally uploaded by You dress like a librarian.
Red cardigan: Merona
White red flower button up: Heritage 1981
Gray skirt: Old Navy
Belt: F21
Tights: Target
Boots: Famous Footwear

There we go- much cheerier!!!  I absolutely love this floral button up shirt- it works so well with jeans and skirts alike.  It was perfect for a day of more homework (government docs this time! eek!), our weekly meeting, class, and more homework.  Now I am relaxing at home with some red wine and episodes of the BBC Robin Hood (which is so cheesy I really only kept watching for the Armitage) before my at home reference chat shift.

And I can't stop looking at my sleeve:

On a nerdier note, I read this amazing chapter from a book by Marilyn Johnson* for my intro class about BA librarians changing the field.  It got me thinking about the inherited responsibility of changing perceptions- do librarians need to be more active in changing the librarian stereotype?  Johnson mentions that "about a third of the library graduate programs in the United States have now ditched the word library." (9)  I think that creating this hipper image of a "librarian" isn't necessarily a bad thing, but that shouldn't be a primary concern.  Shouldn't we be focused more on creating a more welcoming image, stereotypical or not?

I may be a bit frumpy and unhip but I know I want to do my best to make patrons feel welcome.

Also, fun fact, did you know that maybe 10-20% of the population surrounding a public library actually uses the resources?  Some argue that we should spend our efforts getting in the unserved population.  My professor brought up an interesting counterargument today- if we serve the 10% we are, in essence, serving the rest of the population because, since the 10% are educated with the libraries resources, others go to them for help.  Interesting.

*Johnson, Marilyn. "The Frontier", Chapter 1. In This Book Is Overdue Harper Collins, 2010. pp. 1-12.


  1. I love that your blog is about personal style and libraries. That is so awesome! Also, that blouse has the prettiest flowers on it.

  2. Thanks!!! I felt like I needed to start paying attention to what I wear- part research (is it really librarianesque?)and part motivation for putting together more exciting outfits for the library.