Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Study Music

I had a lovely weekend.  Friday I made veggie lasagna for visiting friends:

Vegetarian Lasagna (followed the recipe exactly, except I added a bag of chopped broccoli and one chopped carrot in place of the mushrooms).  It is delicious- I highly recommend it.  I was going to take pictures because lasagna is a beautiful thing, but I ended up taking a too long after work nap and barely had enough time to prepare and cook the lasagna before my friends arrived. Opps!

Saturday included lots and lots of struggling with MARC 21 to get my weekly cataloging record done.  It's not horrible, but it takes a lot of flipping pages back and forth looking for the right codes.  My parents also visited and took me out to dinner at....a local Italian place!  I am now stuffed full of pasta and I couldn't be happier.

Now, I am finishing up some reading while listening to Midlake and also preparing to go into work at 1.  Midlake and a pot of coffee made it easy to power through my reading today (which needed to happen since I have work and then a Superbowl party later). It was so good, I wanted to share my favorite tune:

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